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More trains, buses and taxis as crowds return

Today will see a transport peak as crowds flood back into the city at the end of the Lunar New Year holiday.


Shanghai's two railway stations are expecting more than 180,000 passengers.


Railway officials say there will be another traffic peak next weekend, two days before the end of the Lunar New Year celebrations.


To satisfy demand, 29 temporary rail routes from cities including Xuzhou, Tianjin and Changsha have been opened.


The Shanghai coach authority said the number of incoming passengers was expected to increase sharply from today with the peak falling on Monday and Tuesday.


An estimated 30,000 passengers are expected to reach the city by bus today and the number will be double that at the end of the celebrations.


The city has set up six extra bus routes to major transport hubs and hundreds of taxis are on standby around transport hubs.


Meanwhile, the price of air travel is expected to drop from Wednesday, with ticket discounts of up to 40 percent.


(Shanghai Daily January 31, 2009)