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Beijing Olympics venues to get second lives

In a new effort to find a permanent use for facilities used during the 2008 Olympics, a theme restaurant will be built in the National Stadium, the main venue for the Games, while a carnival theme park will be built in the Olympic Green.


A "ring-shaped restaurant" would be built on the third floor of the stadium, said an official of the National Stadium, who asked not to be identified.


"With images and objects, the restaurant is expected to bring people back to the memorable moments of the Games," he said on Tuesday.


Citic Group said last month that it would develop the facility into an entertainment and shopping center in three to five years. It would hold sports events and cultural performances in the redeveloped center.


It also said the stadium, also known as the "Bird's Nest", would retain its focus on tourism, while gradually developing auxiliary commercial facilities.


The 50,000 sq m carnival theme park will be sited in the public area of the Olympic Green, northeast of the National Stadium.


Liu Tie, who is in charge of the theme park, said Monday it would open to the public before the end of the month and run through Oct. 31. He said the park could hold 30,000 visitors at daily maximum capacity.


(Xinhua News Agency February 4, 2009)