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National leisure plan to be issued this year

A representative from China National Tourism Administration has told local media that China's national leisure plan, which is currently being drafted with the aim of helping to stimulate the country's domestic travel market, will be promulgated this year.


The plan is reported to include incentive travel, welfare travel and study tours; and it will directly benefit people who don't have much time and who have a small travel budget. It is said that travel service providers in China are now busy preparing to implement it.


Despite many uncertainties, China's tourism industry is said by experts to have many opportunities. These opportunities are said to include, the knock-on effect of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the government's investment on tourism. In addition, the country has also formulated a number of favorable policies for the tourism industry, including the return of quality deposits to travel agencies to help them get through the financial crisis, and the arrangement of public holiday schedules with the aim of further stimulating the country's tourism business.


(China Hospitality News February 9, 2009)