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More exchanges between Beijing and Taiwan museums planned

Zheng Xinmiao, director of the Beijing Palace Museum has reached mutual understanding on further cooperation with its Taipei counterpart here Monday, including 27 sets of cultural relics expected to be loaned by the Palace Museum to Taipei for a special exhibit.


The two sides will hold exchange visits between July to mid-September every year to discuss cooperation.


Beijing's Palace Museum will lend 27 sets of its Qing Dynasty relics (37 items) to the Taipei Museum for an exhibit on Emperor Yong Zheng (1678-1735) as the first exchange. The two will also exchange images and videos of the relics.


"It's a solid step for our cooperation", said Zheng Xinmiao here at a news conference.


The two sides will also exchange personnel for know-how and research projects for two or three months. The visits will be supported by the Asian Cultural Council.


A two-day academic seminar on Emperor Yong Zheng's life is scheduled to be held here by the two museums on November 5. The two sides plan to hold more academic seminars in the future.


Zheng and his Taipei counterpart Chou Kung-shin both expressed confidence in future cooperation.


The ten-member delegation headed by Zheng from the mainland is here March 1 to 4. Taipei Museum's delegation, headed by Chou, visited Beijing and Shanghai February 14 to February 19.


(Xinhua News Agency March 3, 2009)