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    Client: Mr. John S. Sullivan

    Nationality: Australia

    Itinerary:Mt. Changbaishan Tour

    Comments: Jo was a wonderful guide and nothing was too much trouble. Knowledgeable and so helpful. I would certainly request Jo's services again...... .

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    Client: Mr. Valente Carlo

    Nationality: France

    Itinerary: Tailor-made tour

    Comments: I just want to thank you very very much and congratulate you for your job you done for us. It was a great tour and I hope I can count on you again for our next trip in China.

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    Client: Mr. Chase Peter Andrew

    Nationality: Switzerland

    Itinerary: 4 Days Tailor Made Xian/Beijing/Shanghai Tour

    Comments: Tanya is very interesting guide with extremely knowledgeable. The driver is very helpful and willing to do extra work for us.

12 Days Silk Road Adventures by China Orient Express-B

from US

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Take the amazing Shangri-La Express Train to travel from Urumqi to Beijing, watching the gorgeous scenery along the rail and enjoy the comfortable 12 days train travel.

Tour Itinerary
Day 1 : 14 Sep 2015 Arrival in Urumqi
14 Sep 2015 Arrival in Urumqi

Arrive at Urumqi; it is the capital of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, the farthest city from the ocean. Our bilingual tour guide will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel. 'Urumqi' is Mongolian for 'beautiful farm'. Since time immemorial it has been a welcome oasis in the desert, and now, it is a modern, thriving city with many skyscrapers.

  • Hoi Tak Hotel or same class
Day 2 : 15 Sep 2015 Urumqi
15 Sep 2015 Urumqi

After breakfast, we proceed to the famous Tianchi Lake (Heavenly Lake) and Mt Tianshan. The former is situated halfway up Bogda Peak in Fukang County, about 1,980 above sea level. The lake surface spans an area of 4.9km2 and the lake has a depth of up to 105m, a circumference of 3, 400m and at its broadest it is 1 500m wide. We will take a cruise to enjoy the lake's amazing scenery. Aboard the cruise, we can also view the snow-capped summit of Bogda Peak which forms a captivating contrast to the jade-green lake waters. Next we visit the Museum of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. This museum has four or five thousand years ago until the modern Silk Road excavation and collected more than 1,000 pcs of precious cultural relics. Tonight, we can catch a tribal song and dance performance after the Xinjiang flavor of roasted whole lamb dinner.

  • Hoi Tak Hotel or same class
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Day 3 : 16 Sep 2015 Urumqi/Turpan
16 Sep 2015 Urumqi/Turpan

After a pleasant breakfast we drive Turpan and visit a karez irrigation system. Embodying the wisdom of the Xinjiang people, this irrigation system is designed for the desert, comprising surface drains underground canals and reservoirs. Currently there are some 1,258 systems in use, of a total length of over 3,000krn. It is said that the Karez irrigation system, the Great Wall of China and the Jinghang Grand Canal are the engineering miracles of ancient China. Following this, we visit the Flaming Mountain, immortalized in the classic story 'Journey to the West'. The bright red soil of the mountain glows even more under the glaring sun, and it is no wonder we feel the heat. We drive to Jiaohe Ancient City. Also known as Ya'er City, it is located 10km from Turpan, so named because it lies where two rivers meet. It is also said to be a Han Period Cheshi structure. At20:30hrs, we embark the 'China Orient Express' Charter Luxury Train to Dunhuang.

  • Overnight Shangri-la Express train
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Day 4 : 17 Sep 2015 Dunhuang
17 Sep 2015 Dunhuang

After breakfast, we specially arranged for you on the train institute of Dunhuang experts and professors explain in detail for you. Reaching Dunhuang in 11:30hrs, we proceed for lunch. After that, we shall visit the world famous Mogao Grottoes, designate as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO for its 1600 year accumulated cultural, architectural, and art treasures. There remains 492 cave temple and 45000 square meters of frescos.
After dinner, we will continue to visit Dunhuang Night market -- Shazhou Night Market. It is one of the best night market in China and famous for its tasty snacks, local specialties, and crafts etc. 

  • Dunhuang Hotel or same class
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Day 5 : 18 Sep 2015 Dunhuang/Jiayuguan (Jiayu Pass)
18 Sep 2015 Dunhuang/Jiayuguan (Jiayu Pass)

Today we proceed to visit Mingsha Hill and Yueya Spring. Mingsha Hill measures some 40km by 20km and has a height of 80m. It is said that if we slide down its sleep slopes, we can hear sounds made by the moving sand. If the weather is good the sounds are likened to melodious orchestral music. This is one of the 4 famous mingsha hills in China. An amazing short camel ride along the Minsha Hill will lead you to the Yueya (Crescent) Spring, which has crystal-clear spring water. After lunch, we will onboard the ' China Orient Express' Charter Luxury Train to Jiayuguan (Jiayu Pass). Arrive at Jiayuguan (Jiayu Pass) at 20:00hrs.

  • Holiday Plaza Hotel Jiayuguan or same class
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Day 6 : 19 Sep 2015 Jiayuguan (Jiayu Pass)/Tianshui
19 Sep 2015 Jiayuguan (Jiayu Pass)/Tianshui

This morning we visit Jiayuguan (Jiayu Pass), is the most western end of the Great Wall. Also known as 'the First and Greatest Pass under Heaven', and it is the best preserved and most magnificent military building among the passes of the Great Wall. Next, we move on to Overhanging Great Wall. It is about 7 mimes away from Jiayu Pass. It's located on a ridge that is 45 degrees from vertical hence the name Overhanging Great Wall. 22:00hrs, we take the China Orient Express Train to Tianshui.

  • Overnight Shangri-la Express train
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Day 7 : 20 Sep 2015 Tianshui/Xi'an
20 Sep 2015 Tianshui/Xi'an

After breakfast, 08:00hrs arrived in Tianshui, we proceed to visit Maiji Mountain is 150 meters tall, and it was named for its shape -- like that of a pile of wheat. According to historical records, the Maiji Grottoes were excavated during the Hou Qin Dynasty of the Sixteen Kingdom Period. 21:00hrs ,after dinner we move on to Xi'an by China Orient Express. The overnight train is quite comfortable and offer wonderful evening and morning views of the regional countryside.

  • Overnight Shangri-la Express train
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Day 8 : 21 Sep 2015 Xi'an
21 Sep 2015 Xi'an

10:00hrs arrive in Xian. Xian is a city with over 3000years history and it is also the starting point of the ancient Silk Road for the great trade caravans of the ancient Silk Road. We will visit the ancient City Wall. The City Wall of Xian is the most complete one that has survived in China, as well being one of the largest ancient military defensive systems in the world. After visiting the Statue of star point of Silk Road and the Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square, Thereafter we check into hotel. The marvelous Tang Dynasty Dinner Show at Tang Dynasty Palace will be prepared for you. The various savory dishes
together with the exciting show will be sure to give satisfaction to your appetite, your eyes and your mind.

  • Sheraton Xian North City Hotel or same class
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Day 9 : 22 Sep 2015 Xi'an/Luoyang
22 Sep 2015 Xi'an/Luoyang

After breakfast, we drive to one of the eight wonders of the world, the Terracotta Warriors' Museum, for a visit. Here we can observe the grandiose of the Qin Dynasty army. Life-sized terracotta soldiers and horses are arranged in battle formation in a huge burial pit. The Terracotta Warriors are among the greatest troves of historical artifacts and art in the world today. Lastly, we continue to Huaqing Hot Spring in Mt Lishan. In ancient time, emperors used to come here to bathe and enjoy the scenic beauty. It has become a favorite spa since the Tang Dynasty. 22:30hrs, we onboard the ' China Orient Express ' Train to Luoyang

  • Overnight Shangri-la Express train
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Day 10 : 23 Sep 2015 Louyang/Beijing
23 Sep 2015 Louyang/Beijing

After breakfast, we will arrive in Luoyang and visit to the Shaolin Temple. This temple is shrouded in legend and mystery. The origin of martial arts and kung fu is part of the mystique of Shaolin Temple and the Shaolin monks. This is probably the most famous temple in China, not only because of its long history and its role in Chinese Buddhism, but also because of its martial arts or Wushu. There is a theatre here which presents the famous Kungfu Show at 1400. We will taste Yongtaisi shaolin Vegetarian for lunch. Yongtaisi shaolin Vegetarian located close to the Shaoling Temple, the Yongtaisi Nunnery serves Vegetarian food. 22:30 hrs., we onboard the China Orient Express train to Beijing after dinner.

  • Overnight Shangri-la Express train
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Day 11 : 24 Sep 2015 Beijing
24 Sep 2015 Beijing

In the morning, we arrive in Beijing. After breakfast, we will visit the wooden structure in the world's largest, most complete ancient buildings- the Forbidden City. After an authentic Beijing Roast Duck lunch, we proceed to architectural style and has both classical and modern beauty, a total of more than 5000 pieces of the Capital Museum artifacts on display. And then we will watch the Olympic Park nest and water cube appearance. Check into hotel after dinner.

  • Sheraton Hotel or same class
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Day 12 : 25 Sep 2015 Beijing/Hometown
25 Sep 2015 Beijing/Hometown

After a pleasant breakfast, free at own leisure till the assemble time for the transfer to airport for the flight back to hometown.

  • Breakfast
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3. Accommodaton on Shangri-La Express.
4. Meals as specified in the itinerary. B=Breakfast L=Lunch D=Dinner
5. Professional English speaking guide in each city.
6. Comprehensive sightseeing with all entrance fee.
7. All domestic airport taxes

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Xian:Terracotta Warriors Museum, Huaqing Hot Spring, Great Mosque

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