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Popular Festivals

Festivals occur throughout the year in China. Along with widely celebrated traditional Chinese festivals, a number of minority festivals are also popular. Among them are Lusheng Festival of Miao People, Nadaam Festival of Mongolians and Shoton Festival of Tibetans. For something really 'cool', don't miss the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in January and February.
Mongolian Naadam Festival Tour
  • Destination: Beijing-Hohhot-Gegentala-Erdos-Hohhot-Beijing
  • Summary: 7 days Mongolian Naadam Festival 2014 tour from Beijing. Attend the starting ceremony of the festival on Gegentala Grasslands and take trip to Erdos and Hohhot.
  • Full Price: from US$951Duration: 7 days
Mosuo Ethnic Group
4 days Torch Festival Tour
  • Destination: Dali-Lijiang
  • Summary: Have 4 days Torch Festival tour of Ethnic Groups in Dali and Lijiang and fully enjoy the exciting atmosphere and wonder natural beauty!
  • Full Price: from US$450Duration: 4 days
Miao minority, Kaili
Exploring Kaili Miao Villages
  • Destination: kaili-Guiyang-Chengdu
  • Summary: This China rural tour will take you to enjoy the colorful cultures and unique local life styles of different ethnic groups. This package will be a wonderful experience.
  • Full Price: from US$0Duration: 4 days
Lashi Wetland Park
14 Days Exploring the Best of Yunnan Tour
  • Destination: Kunming-Dali-Jianshui-Shaxi-Shangri-La
  • Summary: Yunnan tour provides you with sky-piercing snow mountains, deep valleys, torrential rivers, Karst hills, limpid highland lakes, tropical rain forests, unique customs and festivals.
  • Full Price: from US$1991Duration: 14 days
Tiaohuapo Festival
7 Days Guizhou Spring Tour
  • Destination: Guiyang-Shuicheng-Kaili-Leshan
  • Summary: Tiaohuapo Festival (Flower and Dance Festival) is the traditional festival of the Miao people living in Shui City to cherish the memory of their ancestors and to pray for their prosperity. The activities are so varied and colorful and the spectacle is so grand that usually forty or fifty thousand people from the other ethnic groups would come here to join and enjoy the gathering.
  • Full Price: from US$482Duration: 7 days
Dong People in Kaili
6 Days Sister’s Meal Festival Tour
  • Destination: Guiyang-Kaili-Rongjiang-Zhaoxing-Rongjiang-Sandu-Kaili-Guiyang
  • Summary: Attend the fantastic Sister’s Meal Festival, explore the natural beauty in Guiyang, experience the traditional life of Dong and Miao Ethnic Group.
  • Full Price: from US$541Duration: 6 days
Snow and Ice Festival, Harbin
China Essence Tour with Harbin Ice and Snow Festival
  • Destination: Beijing-Harbin-Xian-Shanghai
  • Summary: Discover the essence of China with Harbin Ice and Snow Festival.
  • Full Price: from US$2067Duration: 11 days
Snow and Ice Festival, Harbin
2014 Harbin Ice and Snow Festival by Oriental Express
  • Destination: Beijing-Shenyang-Changchun-Harbin-Beijing
  • Full Price: from US$0Duration: 9 days
Water Splashing Festival of Miao People
5 Days Yunnan Water Splashing Festival
  • Destination: Kunming-Jinghong-Kunming
  • Summary: Experience the most important festival of Dai people- Water Splashing Festival and visit Manting Garden,Grand Buddha Park and Tropical Botanical Garden.
  • Full Price: from US$670Duration: 5 days
Miao minority, Kaili
6 Days Lusheng Festival Tour
  • Destination: Guiyang-Kaili-Rongjiang-Zhaoxing-Rongjiang-Sandu-Kaili-Guiyang
  • Summary: Attend the festive activities of Lusheng Festival, explore daily life of Dong and Miao Ethnic Group and its traditional customs.
  • Full Price: from US$516Duration: 6 days
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