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  • China Holidays

    Client: Mr. John S. Sullivan

    Nationality: Australia

    Itinerary:Mt. Changbaishan Tour

    Comments: Jo was a wonderful guide and nothing was too much trouble. Knowledgeable and so helpful. I would certainly request Jo's services again...... .

  • China Holidays

    Client: Mr. Valente Carlo

    Nationality: France

    Itinerary: Tailor-made tour

    Comments: I just want to thank you very very much and congratulate you for your job you done for us. It was a great tour and I hope I can count on you again for our next trip in China.

  • China Holidays

    Client: Mr. Chase Peter Andrew

    Nationality: Switzerland

    Itinerary: 4 Days Tailor Made Xian/Beijing/Shanghai Tour

    Comments: Tanya is very interesting guide with extremely knowledgeable. The driver is very helpful and willing to do extra work for us.

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Mongolian Naadam Festival Tour

  • Tour Code: CF03
  • Days: 7
  • Destination: Beijing-Hohhot-Gegentala-Erdos

From USD

Summary: 7 days Mongolian Naadam Festival 2014 tour from Beijing. Attend the starting ceremony of the festival on Gegentala Grasslands, and take trip to Erdos and Hohhot.

7 Days Mongolia Grasslands Tour

  • Tour Code: DM07
  • Days: 7
  • Destination: Beijing-Hohhot-Baotou-Gegentala-Xilin Gol-Chifeng-Beijing

From USD

Summary: this is an area of contrasting scenery from the mountains of Yin-Shan and Wulaer Shan to the grassland plateau of Xilamuren.Here you will have time to meet with the local population and gain an understanding of the development of this region over its long history.

8 Days Tour around Beijing

  • Tour Code: PT101
  • Days: 8
  • Destination: Beijing-Hohhot-Datong-Beijing

From USD

Summary: 8 days away from Beijing to the grassland of Hohhot and admire Chinese culture in Datong. See more of North China.

4 Days Inner Mongolia Grassland Tour

  • Tour Code: PT109
  • Days: 4
  • Destination: Beijing-Hohhot-Datong-Beijing

From USD

Summary: Combining the best of north central China, This is a great tour for those who would like to see some of China's most famous sights (in Beijing) and also have a chance to get off the beaten track.

4 Days Inner Mongolia Grasslands Tour

  • Tour Code: BJ402
  • Days: 4
  • Destination: Beijing-Hohhot-Xilamuren-Hohhot-Beijing

From USD

Summary: Stay overnight in Mongolian Yurt for better understanding of Mongolian culture and traditions.

Inner Mongolia Grasslands and Desert Tour

  • Tour Code: PT134
  • Days: 4
  • Destination: Beijing-Hohhot-Erdos-Beijing

From USD

Summary: Beijing Inner Mongolia weekend tour to have a grasslands and desert tour. Visit Xilamuren Grassland in Hohhot and Kubuqi Desert in Ordos.Romantic night in Mongolian yurt.