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  • China Holidays

    Client: Mr. John S. Sullivan

    Nationality: Australia

    Itinerary:Mt. Changbaishan Tour

    Comments: Jo was a wonderful guide and nothing was too much trouble. Knowledgeable and so helpful. I would certainly request Jo's services again...... .

  • China Holidays

    Client: Mr. Valente Carlo

    Nationality: France

    Itinerary: Tailor-made tour

    Comments: I just want to thank you very very much and congratulate you for your job you done for us. It was a great tour and I hope I can count on you again for our next trip in China.

  • China Holidays

    Client: Mr. Chase Peter Andrew

    Nationality: Switzerland

    Itinerary: 4 Days Tailor Made Xian/Beijing/Shanghai Tour

    Comments: Tanya is very interesting guide with extremely knowledgeable. The driver is very helpful and willing to do extra work for us.

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China Highlights

  • Tour Code: CHG12
  • Days: 11
  • Destination: Beijing-Xian-Yangshuo-Shanghai-Suzhou

From USD

Summary:A brief China tour that will aquaint you with the country's most amazing and diverse places: Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai.

10 Days Guilin & Vietnam Tour

  • Tour Code: GL-0108
  • Days: 10
  • Destination: Guilin-Yangshuo-Nanning-Hanoi-Hanoi-Ho Chi Minh City

From USD

Summary:Extend your China tour for glorious landscapes to Vietnam and explore the exotic cities.

5 Days Exploring Tour

  • Tour Code: GL-0225
  • Days: 5
  • Destination: Guilin-Yangshuo-Huangyao

From USD

Summary:Explore the amazing and magnificent landscape of Guilin and the local customs in ancient towns.

15 Days China Glorious Gardens Tour

  • Tour Code: GT-01
  • Days: 15
  • Destination: Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Yangshuo-Hangzhou-Suzhou-Shanghai

From USD

Summary:A relaxing 15-day tour in China, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou and Yangshuo, learn more in botanical garden in Beijing and Guilin.

Yangshuo Bicycle Tour

  • Tour Code: GL07
  • Days: 1
  • Destination: Yangshuo

From USD

Summary:3.5 hours cycling through Yangshuo's most idyllic part. Immerse yourself in the pleasant scenery and keep far away city hustles and bustles.

Yangshuo Cycling Tour

  • Tour Code: GL06
  • Days: 1
  • Destination: Yangshuo

From USD

Summary:Take bicycles to enjoy Yangshuo's incomparable countryside scenery in 5 hours. This 35 km long route passes Yangsuo's most fantastic sightseeings.

3 Days Guilin Highlights Tour

  • Tour Code: GL301
  • Days: 3
  • Destination: Guilin-Yangshuo-Guilin

From USD

Summary:Guilin is one of China's most beautiful and culturally significant areas. The world's heritage listed Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill, and the spectacular Reed Flute Cave.

Guilin Li River Cruise Bus Tour

  • Tour Code: GL201
  • Days: 1
  • Destination: Guilin-Yangshuo

From USD

Summary:Li River, one of China's most famous scenic areas, was listed as one of the world’s top ten watery wonders by America National Geographic Magazine.

6 Days Guilin Wonderful Idyllic Retreats

  • Tour Code: EG06
  • Days: 6
  • Destination: Guilin-Longsheng-Sanjiang-Guilin-Yangshuo-Guilin

From USD

Summary:Sanjiang and Yangshuo is a wonderland, a mysterious region traditionally inhabited by the Dong people. The visitors who come here are intoxicated by its unique culture, buildings and picturesque landscapes.

15 Days Beautiful China Tour

  • Tour Code: PT202
  • Days: 15
  • Destination: Shanghai-Yichang-Yangtze Cruise-Lijiang-Kunming-Guilin-Yangshuo-Guilin-HK

From USD

Summary:The metropolitan Shanghai, amazing Yangtze, rustic Yunnan and scenic Guangxi will show you all-round features of China.

9 Days Taste of China-B

  • Tour Code: TCG10
  • Days: 9
  • Destination: Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Yangshuo-Guilin-Beijing

From USD

Summary:Taste of China is perfect for first time travellers wishing to get a taste of the history and culture that this dynamic country has on offer.

Exploring Rural China

  • Tour Code: ER11
  • Days: 12
  • Destination: Taiyuan-Pingyao-Nanjing-Yellow Mountain-Shanghai-Guilin-Yangshuo

From USD

Summary:Tired of city life? A rural tour to China's most fascinating and unspoiled countryside will surely ease your mind.